Manual Handling Seminar

Astris Lifecare would like to present an opportunity on Tuesday 12th May, 2020 for you to attend a presentation and workshop on Manual Handling with Natasha Nutt from Movementum

This seminar will be provided FREE of charge and we encourage all hospital, aged care and community allied health clinicians to attend.

A 4-Hour CPD Certificate will be provided at the conclusion of the session.

Natasha Nutt from Movementum

Natasha is a passionate Occupational Therapist with over 15 years’ experience in manual handling.

Natasha owns and runs Movementum, an OT practice that helps to build a culture of empowerment and continual learning through workshops, practical training courses, problem solving sessions, service reviews and risk assessments.  Movementum works with care agencies, health professionals, support workers, and individual’s with physical care needs to improve the way that people are physically assisted to carry out their daily tasks.

She loves working with clients and care teams to coach them in solving complex patient handling challenges and finding ways to overcome them through collaborative problem solving and innovative use of equipment.  Everyone deserves great care without the risk of being injured – whether receiving or providing that care!

Seminar Objective:

The purpose of this seminar is to motivate and equip health professionals to identify, explore and engage in effective and safe patient handling. The seminar will provide the opportunity to explore what the common barriers are to safe patient handling and how to have a positive impact in the way we assess, treat, support and prescribe equipment to our clients.

The seminar will cover a range of Manual Handling problems, solutions and techniques including demonstrations on a selection of products that can form part of the solution.

Topics covered:

Assisted standing and transfers
Bed mobility
Hoisting and positioning
Sling selection and fitting
Slide sheet use

Education, Application, Problem Solving

Manual handling principles, common manual handling risks, and how Allied Health Professionals can be a positive influence in effective patient handling.

Practical Application
Workstations for participants to explore, engage and practice common manual handling tasks in a small-group setting.

Problem Solving
Discussion of case examples including the assessment, equipment prescription, and barriers to safe manual handling.

Session Date:

Tuesday 12th May, 2020
Registration 8:30am
Session Time 9:00am to 1:00pm

Lunch will be provided from 1-2pm


Carnarvon Golf Club
65-95 Nottinghill Rd, Lidcombe NSW, 2141
Phone (02) 9649 6255

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Manual Handling Seminar 2020 - Natasha Nutt

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